Saturday, 9 October 2010

Beating the Kazon...

I've been waiting for my last opponent to resign for a couple of months now, after which I thought I'd get around to comment the rest of the games.

But by now I've kind of lost interest in the project. Too many of the opponents seem to fail the "Turing Test" by dragging out hopeless positions way too long. Still, most of the games were actually quite interesting so I guess I shouldn't complain. And if there's a new Chesspub team next year, I'd probably be prepared to play again (if asked upon), despite that it is very time consuming.

Anyway, here are the links to my games (in the order they were decided), if the few readers of this blog have any questions on particular positions in the games - feel free to ask by adding a comment below. Interesting questions may spawn a further dissection in future posts. :)

TJ-Triay Moll
Ciuro Munoz-TJ
Polo Molina-TJ

TJ-Tunega is still remaining, mostly because Black is "fighting" by waiting 2-4 weeks between moving. At the moment, I have 217 days left, he has 77 and we will both get an extra 50 days after two more moves... (the time control is 10 moves in 50 days)

When it's finally over, I may take a closer look at it, as it's one of my top three favourites (along with Kuhl-TJ and TJ-Dorer) and perhaps the game I spent most time on, analysing, though it's a very close shave between that game and the Kuhl-game...

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