Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My favourite site for buying books

Just thought I should mention a really good site for buying books, - it actually offers free shipment to most countries, and it works! And still the prices are usually lower than what you'd pay in a bookstore - if the store has the book you're looking for, which is far from certain nowadays, as most stores only stock up on celebrity cookbooks and biographies of people under thirty...

Actually, I was tipped off myself about this place by a reader who had ordered The Fascinating Reti Gambit there - and this book of mine is quite hard to get hold of due to my publisher and their unusually expensive shipping costs - which scared off the few chess shops that were interested in offering it to their readers. So, for the FRG this site is definitely the place to order it if you're still looking for it.
& by the way, the FKG is also there:

 (Added 6th/8)
Btw, an example of the "trickle down effect" in chess: The reader who tipped me about the book site, also has a blog so why not link to what he's written about his first Reti gambit!?

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